Stop Your Facebook/Cyber Stalker Today

Finally! The Manual Every 21st Century Stalker Should Come With!

Is Someone Stalking You On Facebook?

If it hasn't happened to you, it's happened to someone you know…

Maybe it's an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, an ex-wife/husband, your boss, or even your parents.

Hell, maybe it's the ex-girlfriend of your new boyfriend… /shudder

First, they want to be friends with you on Facebook... but not just that! They want to be friends with your friends too — just so they have an in!

They text you day and night. They drunk dial you when the club lets out. And maybe one day they even decide to post those embarassing pictures you sexted them… on the internet!

WTF Can You Do?

Good news friends. I've been there… and I can tell you that there is hope, even when it seems like the internets are on the side of your stalker.

This is the original manual on how to defeat your stalker... step by step.

What you'll learn:

  • Keep stalkers at bay on Facebook.
  • Remove embarrasing content from Google and other search engines.
  • Find out what you can do about removing internet content permanently.
  • Use features to block texts and phone calls. Details on Rogers, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verison and more…
  • Most importantly - This book will help you keep your sanity!
    You'll be rid of these ass-jockeys before you know it!

So don't delay. Get your copy right now and ensure a
lifetime of joy and happiness — without your stalker!

Vanessa – Survivor of a Facebook StalkerHi, I'm Vanessa! If you have any stalker-ish stories to share, or ideas on how to make this ebook even better, please send me an email:

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Hi guys!

I'm so happy about all of you coming to visit my site! You are so awesome!

Please feel free to share your stories in the comments! If you have some kind of nsfw story you can always send it to me via email. If these dating (or otherwise) mishaps aren't good for anything else, at least we'll all have a good laugh!

(I won't disclose your name if you email me directly, promise)

And maybe I can publish your story (sans incriminating names) in the 2nd edition!

If you've already bought the first edition, don't worry - all future updates will be discounted for you, and might even include your anonymous *cough* story! Stay in touch!

Keep it real! Much luv!



I have a short story to tell - and thank you Vanessa for the mini manual, it really helped me sort out some of this crap.

It wasn't that long ago that the guy I was dating really seemed to change his character. He was so nice at first, but he became overbearing... and I was totally put off after a couple dates.

I told him it was through - and we only had a few dates - but he didn't get the hint. I was very clear with him that I was uncomfortable.

Your story at the beginning of the manual really struck a chord. I was going to be stalked online, and I didn't even realize it.

Thank you for the advice, very helpful - I think I've shut that loser out for good. Just a setting here and a block there! Great!



@Jennifer - thanks for the comments! Send me the details in an email, I'd love to hear them! And grats on ditching that loser!



Hi Vanessa, I saw your site today and just wanted to ask (before I buy your 'mini' manual) - Can you really help me? Every time I turn around, my friggin parents are into my business. Even though I've moved out, they still watch my Facebook profile like it's the FBI's most wanted list...



@Micheal - yep, just follow the steps in the Facebook section, and you'll be done with that... I hope you like Beyonce!


The book is good Vanessa, I will send you a story.


sujit kumar biswal

all is well




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